Raising children is a timed event with eternal consequences. Students spend over 16,000 hours in a classroom from kindergarten through high school graduation; this time cannot be squandered. On the contrary, every hour, minute, and second must be used to the fullest to equip the next generation of thinkers, doers, and difference-makers for the kingdom of God.

In a world where biblical truth and conservative values are under attack, more than ever before, Christian families need an educational partner who shares their deepest convictions. Chuck Colson says, “Classical Christian schools are essential to helping our children understand the vast scope of Christ’s claim to truth. As they provide students with a solid education, these schools are equipping the next generation of Christians to bring a Christian worldview to bear on every part of our society. Students are being taught how to think in the very best classical tradition, and they’re being solidly grounded in their Christian faith.”

Christ Classical Academy serves as the only such educational partner in our area for Christian families who desire more for their children’s K-12 education. CCA seeks to graduate a generation of young men and women who love learning, who put their faith into action, who know how to think, and who communicate with winsome persuasion for the glory of God.

our vision Christ classical academy

CCA’s purpose statement “To steward and cultivate hearts, minds, and souls to know Christ and to become world-changers for His kingdom” is the reason CCA exists. It is our WHY. 

Our Mission Christ Classical Academy

CCA’s distinctive mission, “Joining Christian families in classically educating students to become the salt of the earth and the light of the world,” guides CCA in making use of the 16,000 hours students spend in a classroom during K-12th grades to cultivate the hearts, minds, and souls of our students.

Core Values CCA

CCA’s core values serve as guideposts to keep us on course in pursuit of our purpose and fully committed to our mission.

Our Statement of Faith

CCA’s statement of faith outlines our core beliefs and provides the Biblical standard for our organization.

Our History CCA

God has been faithful to sustain CCA for over 25 years. From seasons of blessing to seasons of struggle, His goodness has never failed.

Christ Classical Academy - Our Faculty

At Christ Classical Academy, our faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence and spiritual formation. The task of equipping the next generations of thinkers, doers, and difference-makers is a high calling.

Our Board Christ Classical Academy

Christ Classical Academy is blessed with an amazing board of men and women who invest their time, talent, and treasure to advance the mission of our school. See below for a current list of board members.

Employment at Christ Classical Academy

Christ Classical Academy stands alone among schools in the Dyersburg and West Tennessee area with its classical Christian model of education. A rigorous curriculum, small classes, and an emphasis on virtue formation partnered with the classical Christian pedagogy prepares students to know how to think and how to communicate.


Christ Classical Academy’s best method of marketing is CCA family sharing their CCA stories. See below to read testimonials from parents, students, graduates, and faculty.


Accreditation & Memberships

CCA is blessed to be a part of the larger classical, Christian education movement. We value opportunities to network, grow in knowledge, and maintain high standards. Professional memberships and accreditation provide CCA with those opportunities.