Education is best when parents are informed and involved. CCA desires that all CCA parents learn more about the classical, Christian approach to education. This section gives CCA parents some valuable tools to expand their knowledge and understanding of classical, Christian education. See below to learn more.

Basecamp Live

Basecamp Live is a podcast exploring topics pertinent to the classical, Christian education movement. It is an invaluable resource for parents and educator alike! Access the website through the following link:

Memoria Press 

Christ Classical Academy uses Memoria Press curriculum at all grade levels. Their published articles contain a wealth of knowledge about classical, Christian education. Access articles through the following link: Blog | Memoria Press

Association for Classical Christian Schools

Christ Classical Academy is a member of the Association for Classical Christian Schools, the primary public advocate for classical, Christian schools. The ACCS website features a resources section that is a valuable tool for parents and educators engaged in the classical, Christian school world. Access ACCS Resources through the following link: Resources - Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS)

Classical Christian Virtues Podcast

Cultivate virtue and eliminate vice in your daily life! The companion book to this podcast is Classical Christian Virtues: Contemplating the Good Life by Dr. Timothy Dernalan. CCA upper school students discuss this book during Colloquy Groups each week. This podcast is a valuable resource for parents and students alike: Classical Christian Virtues • A podcast on Anchor