Christ Classical Academy Eagle Ambassador

Christ Classical Academy wants to equip all of our students to become servant leaders wherever God's path takes them in life. Consequently, we take a broad and inclusive approach to student leadership and encourage all upper school students to become involved in one or more of our student leadership teams that align with their natural talents and interests.

Some examples of these teams include the Hospitality Team, the Building and Grounds Team, Tutoring Team, Student Ministry Team, and the School Spirit Team. These student teams are under the leadership of a high school student who works with adults in the CCA family to accomplish goals and fill needs. The high school leaders of these teams comprise the Student Leadership Council, which is similar in nature to a traditional Student Council.

CCA Sophomores can also apply to be in Dyer County Youth Leadership, a program sponsored and run by the Dyersburg/Dyer County Chamber of Commerce. Each year, the Chamber of Commerce selects students from local high schools to be members of the current leadership class. Students take field trips to learn about key services, industries, and government works in the city, county, and state.