Tuition, Fees, Discounts Christ Classical Academy

Every January tuition rates for the upcoming school year are approved by the CCA Board. See below to learn more about the current school year’s tuition rates, fees, and available discounts.

Rates and Fees

  • Full-time Pre-Kindergarten:
    $4,500 (part-time Pre-K offered if spots available)
    $180 TRP (one-time fee)
  • Kindergarten:
    $200 TRP (one-time fee)
  • 1st & 2nd Grades:
    $200 TRP (one-time fee)
  • 3rd & 4th Grades:
    $220 TRP (one-time fee)
  • 5th & 6th Grades:
    $240 TRP (one-time fee)
  • 7th & 8th Grades:
    $260 TRP (one-time fee)
  • 9th & 10th Grades:
    $280 TRP (one-time fee)
  • 11th Grade:
    $300 TRP (one-time fee)
  • A $50 enrollment fee (per student) and complete paperwork are required before enrollment is considered complete. If you withdraw, the enrollment fee is forfeited.

Tuition Refund Plan Insurance

TRP insurance helps protect you if your student has to withdraw for certain covered reasons. This plan is optional for anyone that pays in full but is required for those that choose either of the monthly installment plans. More information is available upon request.

Payment options

  • Monthly payments can be automatically drafted from your bank account on the 10th of each month: June - May.
  • Monthly payments can be made to the finance office at CCA on or before the 10th of each month: June - May.
  • Any payment received after the 15th of the month will be charged a $15 late fee.

Other fees that could apply

  • After school care (3:30 PM - 5:30 PM) - $10 per hour per family ($5 per every 5 minutes past 5:30 PM)
  • Return check fee of $20
  • Late payment fee (after 10th of each month)- $15

Tuition Discounts

  • Sibling Discount: 10% discount for 2nd child, 20% discount for 3rd child, and 30% discount for 4th and subsequent children

Eagle Growth Program

The Christ Classical Academy Eagle Growth Program is to thank CCA families for their positive words, influence, and facilitation of a campus visit on behalf of Christ Classical Academy. We recognize the value of word-of-mouth marketing and know that the story of a satisfied CCA family is worth more than any other form of advertisement.

What is the benefit?
Christ Classical Academy is targeting select classes for enrollment growth in the 2022-2023 school year. Classes eligible for the Eagle Growth Program in 2022-2023 are:

  • 3rd grade
  • 5th grade
  • 6th grade
  • 7th grade

Benefit amount

  • Christ Classical Academy gives a $1,000 tuition credit to new families who enroll new students for the 2022-2023 school year in Eagle Growth Program eligible classes.
  • If the new family enrolls more than one student in eligible classes, the family will receive a credit for each child.

Who qualifies?

  • New families who mention Eagle Growth Program during the admissions process who are enrolling students in the following classes for the 2022-2023 school year:
    • 3rd grade
    • 5th grade
    • 6th grade
    • 7th grade
  • CCA is capping enrollment at five new students per class for the above eligible classes.
  • Students who apply for eligible classes mid-year will still qualify for the Eagle Growth Program, but the tuition credit will be pro-rated accordingly.

How will the referral reward be distributed?

New families accounts will be credited twice a year (December and May) dependent on the following criteria:

  • The new student attends August-December = $500 credited in December
  • The new student attends the entire school year = the remaining $500 credited in May

Will current families receive anything for referring new families to CCA?

We recognize the value of word-of-mouth marketing and know that the story of a satisfied CCA family is worth more than any other form of advertisement. To thank families for referring new students who enroll in eligible Eagle Growth Program classes, we will enter referring families in a drawing for a $1,000 scholarship. The drawing will take place on Back-to-School Night. We will also give referring families one free spirit wear item per referred new student (regardless of if the new student is enrolling in an eligible Eagle Growth Program class). Thank you for helping us continue to grow!

Questions can be addressed to Sarah Medlin at 731-285-3727 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.