Christ Classical Academy’s best method of marketing is CCA family sharing their CCA stories. See below to read testimonials from parents, students, graduates, and faculty.


Aiden Melugin, CCA Student

“What I like most about CCA is the open environment. We can laugh and have fun while broadening our education and learning more about God. We have friends for life.”

Dyver Nicks, CCA Student

“What I love most about CCA is that everything we learn relates back to God and what He did for us (on the cross).”

Libby Nichols, CCA Graduate

“My time at CCA has impacted me more than I realized coming out of high school. From the Christ-centered education I received, I learned that no area of our lives should be separate from the influence of the gospel. If we are Christians, then everything we do should reflect God’s glory and love. The school community encouraged me to pursue excellence in all I do, not for my own glory but as a reflection of His glory. My teachers showed me how to love and serve the people God placed around me by meeting them where they are. These principles that I learned during my years at CCA have guided me throughout college, and they will continue to serve as a foundation for me as I step into my own classroom.”

Hannah Shope

“Having been classically educated doesn’t just mean that as an adult I like and enjoy “classical” things. Classical education is woven into the very details of the way I live, instead of simply being the distant memory of my kindergarten to high school education. The love I have for significance over a triviality, the desire in my heart to continue learning for life, the critical thought processes that my mind experiences in discerning the world around me: are all virtues I credit to my classical education. Humans are spiritual beings who long for significance. Classical education teaches individuals to recognize and chase this reality with a passion of mind, body, and soul.”

Kaylee Hart Nichols, CCA Graduate

“My classical education at CCA taught me to think critically and challenged me to develop ideas on my own. It not only set me ahead of the majority of my freshman college class, but it also cultivated in me a love for learning that will go with me throughout my adult life.”

Laura Boals, CCA Parent

“We love the school and all the people that make CCA a home for our family. We can't express enough how we have absolutely no worries or concerns about what our children are learning, how much they are loved, and the way that God's presence is in that school. We are so grateful to each person, past and present, who have been a part of making CCA what it is today.”