CCA believes parents are the primary educators of their children, and our role as a school is to form educational partnerships with families. We deeply value the partnerships we have with families. Our desire is to cultivate meaningful relationships and promote healthy communications between home and school.

Supply Lists

Having all the necessary school supplies is essential to student success. School supply lists are updated annually. A hard copy for the upcoming school year is provided to parents in summer packets. See below for the current school year’s supply lists.


Each CCA family receives a hard copy of the current CCA Parent & Student Handbook at the beginning of each school year.

2021-2022 Calendar

2022 2023 School Calendar 1

It is important to stay informed about the school year’s activities and events. CCA Parents receive a hard copy of the detailed school calendar in back-to-school packets. See below for the current school year’s calendar.


Education is best when parents are informed and involved. CCA desires that all CCA parents learn more about the classical, Christian approach to education. This section gives CCA parents some valuable tools to expand their knowledge and understanding of classical, Christian education. See below to learn more.

Our Dress Code Christ Classical Academy

Christ Classical Academy’s dress code guidelines are in place to limit distractions in the classroom and to enhance the overall learning experience of students. Dress code guidelines are evaluated annually. CCA parents will receive an edited copy of dress code guidelines for the upcoming school year in summer packets. Please see below for the current school year’s dress code guidelines.

Students are expected to comply with the CCA dress code. Teachers check dress code complians at the beginning of each school day. Students who are in violation of the dress code will receive dress code infractions.


Volunteers are not only a great help to the teachers, but they also enrich student instruction. Volunteers are needed to read, make classroom presentations, and help supervise activities, among other things. Please contact the CCA office to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

PTF Christ Classical Academy

A great way to get involved and to build relationships with other CCA parents is to join our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF). Every class has 1-2 designated PTF representatives but all parents are welcome to join.

Faculty & Staff Amazon Wish Lists

CCA is blessed with generous families who are always looking for ways to support our faculty and staff. One way to bless our CCA faculty and staff is by purchasing items from their Amazon Wish Lists. When purchasing an item and having it shipped to CCA, please indicate on the gift note who the gift is for and who the gift is from. See below for links to the current school year’s faculty and staff Amazon Wish Lists.