Accreditation & Memberships

CCA is blessed to be a part of the larger classical, Christian education movement. We value opportunities to network, grow in knowledge, and maintain high standards. Professional memberships and accreditation provide CCA with those opportunities.


Classical Latin School Association

Christ Classical Academy has been a Partner Member of the Classical Latin School Association since 2018. In June 2021, CCA was recognized as an accredited member of the Classical Latin School Association after going through the accreditation process. Standards for receiving CLSA accreditation include meeting the following requirements:

  1. Philosophical requirements: Evidence of a clear understanding among staff and board members of the nature and purpose of a classical Christian education
    2. Academic requirements: Verification that the school possesses a clearly articulated statement of the academic goals at every level and a clear process of ensuring the achievement of those goals
    3. Curricular requirements: Implementation of the Latin-centered Classical Core Curriculumâ„¢
    4. Instructional requirements: Traditional, teacher-directed instruction in a classroom environment conducive to learning and a process by which those methodologies are communicated to teachers and verified by administrative staff
    5. Assessment requirements: Demonstration of the value-added benefit of the school’s academic program through standardized test scores
    6. Professional development requirements: Participation in professional development programs that contribute to the understanding of classical Christian education and the ability of teachers and staff to implement it
    7. Doctrinal requirements: A doctrinal statement consistent with that of CLSA
    8. Membership requirements: Partner membership in CLSA

To learn more about the CLSA, visit Front Page - Classical Latin School Association -.


Association for Classical Christian Schools

Christ Classical Academy became a member of the Association for Classical Christian Schools in July of 2021. The ACCS is the primary public advocate for classical Christian Schools. Membership gives CCA access to numerous resources and networking opportunities. To learn more about the benefits of classical Christian education and the life outcomes of graduates from ACCS member schools based on a comparative high school alumni survey, check out Good Soil - The Classical Difference.

To learn more about the ACCS, visit the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS)