Our History CCA

CCA educates students Pre-K 3 through the 12th grades from Dyer, Crockett, Lake, Lauderdale, and Obion Counties in Tennessee and Pemiscot County in Missouri.

In the fall of 1995, the First Presbyterian Christian School opened its doors with three teachers and twenty-four students in kindergarten through fifth grades. Classes met in the classroom section of the First Presbyterian Church. God blessed FPCS, and the school grew quickly. The original plan for the school was to add one grade each year. As enrollment grew and additional grades were added, the church realized that the school had outgrown the space that the church had available.

As a result, plans were developed to build a separate building for the school. Again, God provided a school supporter who donated the land for the building site. First Presbyterian Church was also able to purchase some adjacent land for future school expansion. With the financial backing of the church and other supporters, a master site plan was developed and work began on the building. In the fall of 1999, FPCS moved into the new building.

In 2000, the School Board conducted an in-depth study of the curriculum used at the school and then adopted a classical Christian methodology. Due to this change, the School Board also changed the name of the school to Christ Classical Academy in 2003. CCA will serve students in Pre-K 3 through the 12th grades starting in the 2023-2024 school year from Dyer, Crockett, Lake, Lauderdale, and Obion Counties in Tennessee and Pemiscot County in Missouri.

Certainly, God has blessed CCA since its inception and continues to provide whatever is needed to maintain the school. Through the generosity of underwriters, parents, contributors, and the members of First Presbyterian Church, CCA continues to provide not only quality education but also an exceptional opportunity to develop as disciples of Christ to the children in the area. With God’s blessing and continued providence, CCA hopes to continue to grow and expand so that more families can benefit from the advantages which CCA can offer their children.